Archived Content Mostly From 2002

This website has been archived to preserve the historic record regarding 3rd party apps created to assist with the deployment and use of Windows XP. Developer credits include Mig Sumarian, Donna Limbik, and Tina Rose, who also provided the funding.

The new owners of the domain, with their team, are still attempting to recover some of the content that is no longer available on Microsoft also provided some of the code specific instructions posted here, and both Systems 2000 and GoDaddy provided technical support.
Windows XP Media Center Edition (codenamed Freestyle was the original version of Windows XP Media Center. It was first announced on July 16, 2002,[7] released to manufacturing on September 3, 2002 and was first generally available on October 29, 2002 in North America.

Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) is a version of the Windows XP operating system which was the first version of Windows to include Windows Media Center, designed to serve as a home-entertainment hub. The last version, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, was released on October 12, 2004. After that, Windows Media Center was included in certain editions of later Windows versions. It was an optional, paid addition to Windows 8 and then discontinued in Windows 10.

Content is from some 2002 archived pages, as well as from other outside sources.

Site Information

Webmaster: Windows X
Site Name: Freestyle - Unleashed
Site Version: 5.1.2903.1106

Developer Profile

First Name: Keetakawee
Last Name: Punpeng
Birth Day: 24 August 1986
Nationality: Thai


ICYWTK: I wasn't even born when Microsoft Windows was announced by Bill Gates on November 10, 1983. The first independent version of Microsoft Windows, version 1.0, released on November 20, 1985, but achieved little popularity. And then over the years more and more upgraded versions were introduced. I remember in September 2000, Microsoft released a successor to Windows 98 called Windows Me, short for "Millennium Edition". It was the last DOS-based operating system from Microsoft. Windows Me was conceived as a quick one-year project that served as a stopgap release between Windows 98 and Windows XP. A year later in October 2001, Microsoft released Windows XP (codenamed "Whistler") which was actually the merging of the Windows NT/2000 and Windows 95/98/Me lines. There were lots of versions of Windows XP. More versions followed Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. So far, nine major versions of Windows 10 have been released. There is a new version update of Windows 10, Oct 2020.

I was just reading about the the features and improvements coming with the Windows 10 October 2020 Update while taking a break from my work creating new ad campaigns for Pinterest and Facebook for one of my clients. I am actually coordinating the graphics with a social media expert that has been hired to improve the organic seo search for them. Actually they have done an amazing job so my client has finally broken into the first page with a number of their important key word terms just by making sure the actually website is search compliant. I'm impressed and will certainly mention them to some of my other clients. I understand some of what goes into getting results for organic web searches, but my strength is creating great graphic designs for my clients' sites. Nevertheless whenever there is a Windows update I like to read What's New and check out the newest design elements.

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eXPerience Pack


eXPerience Pack - Unleashed is advanced version of eXPerience Pack product. This version will give you more experience about XP. You can change more icons and sounds. In Unleashed, you will get more options to enhance your Windows appearance. Best is you can change Windows color to your favourite themes like schemes in appearance but now it works in all Windows and stable with Color Schemes Chooser! It will modify color registry for new color and no more for crash and hang like changing schemes. With more and more to come so you will get the best experience for Windows appearance with no utility required.

Longhorn Transformation Pack

This will update your Windows XP with Longhorn M4 GUI by adding some themes and patch system files. Check the feature list below.


Changes in Version 6.0 (Re-Release)
-Fixed Service Pack checking bugs that program didn't choose manual transformation automatically on XPSP2 and 2K3SP1
-Fixed system files problem in Windows XP without Service Pack 1


Changes in Version 6.0
-Added Avalon and WinHEC Leaf wallpaper
-Added Change system font option (with Segoe UI as choice including font file!)
-Added How to donate dialog
-Added How to transform perfectly dialog during transformation
-Added Jade, Jade (Mockup), and JadeLuna visual styles
-Added Longhorn icons mod in every options
-Added Longhorn user pictures
-Added transformation mode feature to let user replace or modify system files theirself
-Added Windows X wallpaper and user picture (Use it if you're my real fan :D)
-Added WinHEC UI transforming option
-Changed Uninstall SideBar to Disable SideBar so you can re-enable it again
-Fixed driver cache folder problem while replacing system files (boot screen didn't change or in some machines cause this)
-Fixed grammer and spelling in program
-Fixed previous operation checking script after transformed problem
-Fixed replacing system file problems for user who install Service Pack which is not slip-streamed into Setup CD
-Moved OS Checking to the first function (Solve install SP after installed Longhorn Transformation Pack and crash while rollback)
-Updated Boot Screen UI
-Updated Longhorn SideBar 4.0
:Added Aero PDC and Jade and Slate (WinHEC) skin
:Added Aero WinHEC clock
:Clock was seperated from Skins for more customizing with optimized for resizing mode (512x512 pxl)
:Fixed color problem in css
:New SideBar file structure
:New Tile mode (You can choose it during installation or maintenance)
:Updated Aero PDC (Night) clock
:Updated skin from Neowin Transformation Pack
:Updated SideBar layout
:Updated uninstall script to keep memo and slideshow pictures
-Updated all Logon files with Segoe UI font and graphics tuneup (Getting closer)
-Updated Longhorn visual styles
:Longhorn Aero 6.0
:Slate 5.0
-Updated system files from latest hotfixes
-Updated Transformation GUI

Changes in Version 4.0 Refresh
-Added Aero Enmeshed wallpaper
-Added Setup CD path line in dialog to notify user to eject CD in that drive or move that folder to somewhere else
-Fixed Boot Screen deselected installing problem (Cannot find ntoskrnl.exe)
-Fixed license and readme spelling and grammer
-Keep Longhorn Screensaver while uninstalling
-Minor fixes for Longhorn Keynote PDC theme in Longhorn Aero
-This time I will tell you guys about extracting only files. You can do it by add /x after command line e.g. "Longhorn Transformation Pack 4.0 Refresh.exe /x"
-Updated processing operation script (More stable and reliable)

Changes in Version 4.0
-Added Install Options dialog to let user customize installing Longhorn Transformation Pack
-Added Longhorn PDC Bliss and Aero Grass wallpaper
-Added Slate, Longhorn Aero, Plex Style MCE and Plex M3 theme
-Fixed Pre-caching system files replacement problem about boot screen while run this to configure
-Fixed install checking error problems
-Updated Longhorn SideBar 3.0 with Aero PDC skins
-Updated Slate, Longhorn Aero, Plex Style MCE, Plex Style and Plex M3 themes
-Updated shell32.dll video resources and fix pink spot bug
-Updated system files for Windows XP and Windows XP with Service Pack 1

Changes in Version 3.0
-Added Dialog Settings to let you Configure SideBar, Enable/Disable Themes service and Uninstall
-Added Longhorn M5 Screensaver
-Added Longhorn SideBar 2.0
-Added new M5 wallpapers
-Added Service Pack 2 checking script (Avoid problems for user who install on SP2)
-Changed GUI (Sleek)
-Changed Progress Dialog to M5
-Fixed system files patch script become more stable (Less errors or none)
-Updated Plex Style visual style
-Updated Windows Logon UI

Changes in Version 2.0
-Added Longhorn M3 Bliss wallpaper
-Added open visual style after restart (To notice user that can change more)
-Added Progress dialog in operation
-Added Setup files detection script
-Added Sharing Violation Test script
-Added OS detection script
-Added Themes services script
-Fixed Auto Apply Visual Style problems (Sorry, my fault)
-Fixed Longhorn screensaver picture problems
-Fixed Plex Style name
-Fixed scripts works more compatible on other PCs.
-Fixed some replace file system in Windows XP without Service Pack problems
-Fixed Start Button flag shadows
-Fixed UXTheme update in Windows XP without Service Pack
-Removed auto set ClearType after restart
-Removed icon registry settings which not used with themes
-Removed OS selection dialog
-Removed Waiting Windows File Protection... dialog (See finished dialog for info)
-Supported Windows Server 2003 build 3790
-Updated Plex Style visual style

Longhorn Transformation Pack Functions:
-This program can choose Longhorn type for each section like Start flag, Progress dialog login and ToolBar. There's Aero, M4, M6, PDC or Don't change it
-This program can customize additional installation like Longhorn SideBar and Aero ToolBar type
-This program can check Themes services to let user enable or disable this Themes.
-This program can detect setup files before run program to avoid system file replace problems
-This program can use on Windows XP build 2600 or build 2600 with SP1 build 1106 and Windows Server 2003 build 3790
-This program can test sharing violation to avoid system file replace problems
-This program will apply Plex Style with new taskbar and Longhorn screensaver after restart. You can change it yourself and choose other Plex themes and wallpapers
-This program is not recommended for multi-language edition of XP. (However, you can use it)
-This program can use rollback function by run setup again after restart (get previous OS files)
-This program can extract only files by run this program with /x after command line e.g. "Longhorn Transformation Pack 4.0 Refresh.exe /x"

Longhorn Transformation Pack Features:
-Add Longhorn Visual Style name "Plex Style" with patched UXTheme
-Add Longhorn Screensaver
-Add Longhorn wallpaper
-Change Boot Screen to unofficial Longhorn Boot Screen
-Change Logoff Panel to Longhorn button in Classic mode
-Change Logoff screen to Longhorn view
-Change LogonUI to Windows Longhorn LogonUI
-Change Shutdown screen to Longhorn view
-Change Start Panel text image in Classic mode to "Longhorn XP Professional"
-Change ToolBar to Longhorn blue ToolBar
-Change Windows flag to Blue Longhorn flag
-Change Windows flag to Longhorn flag in Start Button
-Change Windows XP's brand in About Windows to Longhorn XP Professional
-Change Working screen (Like Logoff and Shutdown) to Longhorn view

Legal Issues
1. You can install this patch to any computer as you want.
2. You can give this patch to your friends or company within personal use.
3. You cannot sell, rent or use this product and any material which in this patch in commercial.
4. You cannot redistribute any file which comes from this patch without my permission.
5. You cannot use any material in this patch and public through internet, website, e-mail or somewhere else without my permission.